Rewa village is a small Amerindian community located in the north Rupununi in central Guyana, at the confluence of the Rewa and Rupununi rivers. With about 300 inhabitants, the people of Rewa village are mostly from the Makushi tribe. The Rewa area is renowned for its abundance of wildlife and ecological diversity. The eco-lodge was started in 2005 with a community grant provided by Conservation International.

The village community would like to welcome you to Rewa and to share their rainforest home with you.

"Rewa is a destination for nature lovers, travellers who want to get out and explore the rivers and jungles of the area. ... The real sites involve a bit of travel from the village and eco-lodge, but all trips are full of amazing scenery and plenty of bird and wildlife watching opportunities." - Guyana, the Bradt Travel Guide 2008