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Machine Tool Industry: Policy support and downstream demand-driven development

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   Third, the status of domestic machine tool industry in recent years CNC machine tools has made gratifying progress; China has become a machine producing country. In 2006, China` s machine tool consumption 13.11 billion US dollars and imports 7.24 billion US dollars, export 1.19 billion US dollars, machine tool output ualue of 7.06 billion US dollars, accounting for the world machine tool output ualue 11.9%. China continues to maintain its machine tool consumption first in the world, the first of imports, production and export of the third eighth position. In addition to quantitative progress has been made, China` s machine tool industry in the ability of independent innovation have made considerable progress, the product of the NC rate increase (Table 3), in particular, the recent Shen various units of the Joint Group of the China-made successful NC CNC machine tools installed in the system, the more exciting. However, China is not yet a machine power. Compared with similar foreign products, there are still many gaps: product, technology and varieties: in the product level, similar foreign products in China and the gap between the performance of high-speed machine tools, efficient and sophisticated; in product varieties, the China-made Most economic NC lathe, accounting for about 80 percent of the total around multifunctional CNC lathes and turning centers yield less abroad On the contrary, most of multifunctional products CNC lathe and turning centers, but also provide for high strength Heat-resistant titanium alloy processing and processing of high-power, high stiffness and CNC lathes and turning centers to the car and precision grinding and CNC lathe turning center, and such basic domestic product in the blank, in the automobile industry and the defense industry needs many efficient NC machine tools and high-grade gold cutting machine tools in China can not yet self-sufficient, the car` s engine block and heads flexible production line is mainly rely on imports; in processing technology, abroad on high-speed processing, multi-axis machining, and other aspects of the system have been studied and have been applied to practical, internally in this regard and abroad still a big gap. Manufacturing Technology: My machine tool manufacturing enterprises in the manufacturing technology of finish grinding spindle machining, spindle box finished, rail finishing other countries considerable, but the overall manufacturing technology with foreign countries is still lagging far behind, China` s machine tool manufacturing enterprises number of equipment controlling the rate of only 3% -5%, machine parts and components mainly depend on the size of guarantee consistency, the quality of products subject to a greater impact on the foreign manufacturing enterprises manufacturing equipment for the majority of CNC machine tools, more use of flexible manufacturing cell, flexible manufacturing systems. CNC machine tool market share of domestic low: CNC machine tools on behalf of a country` s technological level of production of machine tools, production abroad CNC machine tools in China accounted for only one-third of the domestic market share (Table 4), and high-end CNC machine tools the market share of domestic products even lower, only about 4%. Therefore machine tool production in China in recent years made great achievements while, but on the technical level and overall strength in the world only at the second echelon. Although China has entered the ranks of machine tool producing country, but not power, to achieve the "11th Five-Year Plan" as the end of the target machine tool production power is still a long way to go. In addition, China` s machine tool industry in the scale of production, turnover, reliability, delivery time and so on with the obvious gap abroad.

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