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    As an enterprise management innovation results on January 1 knowledge management, in the face of the era of knowledge economy more intense market competition and the business environment is more uncertainty, played an important role. With the arrival of the era of knowledge management, enterprise knowledge management was on the agenda, and management will soon become a hot area of the leading edge in this paper focus from knowledge management and organizational learning both with the development of Chinese enterprises and management, systematic exposition of the knowledge-based economy under the conditions of learning enterprises and learning that the building should be noted in some of the problems.
    Key words: knowledge management, learning, learning organization
    In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge is updated faster, continuous technological innovation. To keep pace with the tempo, lifelong learning needs of individuals, enterprises need into a learning organization, countries need to strongly encourage the entire society` s sense of innovation and behavior so that the whole community determined to forge ahead and keep a continuous development of state and ultimately become learning society. For a business, learning and creativity is the source of competitiveness. Foreign management experts believe that the next most successful enterprises will be a learning organization - can make all the members of the class dedicated input and continuous learning organization. Enterprises future only lasting competitive advantages is more rapid than competing with learning capability. In the enterprise implementation of knowledge management, enterprises can be effective in promoting learning, improve learning outcomes; Through traditional enterprise system innovation to the rapid transformation of learning organizations, the study will enable enterprises to consolidate and strengthen the capacity and, ultimately, to learn the important ualues of enterprise and competitiveness.
     Some knowledge management environment defined as a knowledge-based economy in a knowledge-based enterprise management model, which has weakened the traditional enterprise knowledge management on the importance and applicability of this is not conducive to the traditional methods of improving enterprise management. In fact, knowledge management should be referring to such an organization, that organization in order to obtain a lasting competitiveness, the knowledge of all relevant resources for the development, transfer and use of the process.
    Here, the general knowledge resources can be divided into three categories:
     The first is in-house staff of personal information, including their study results, the heartland of opinion, relations network, lessons learned, etc., in view of this type of resources, knowledge management is the task of maximizing the collection, archiving and achieve organizations sharing;
    The second category is the types of documents in-house information, in view of this type of resources, knowledge management is the major task to achieve the greatest degree of organization sharing;
    The third category is organized external information and services, in view of this type of resources, knowledge management is the task of collecting, screening, archiving, use.
    These three categories of resources are in the presence of any organization, but some systems, some simple, some have been fully utilized and only some duplication in the collection and the state. Therefore, knowledge management is not for every organization there are no problems, but whether good question.

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